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About The Brother Oliver Casket Company

* Notice: This site was originally founded by a priest from Pennsylvania who has since passed. We are no longer going to offer casket making services ourselves, However we are temporarily leaving this website up in his memory in the hope some of you will send links to websites offering alternatives to costly overpriced caskets.
Thank You! 
We love and miss you dearly Brother Jim!

The Brother Oliver Casket Company was born from a few basic ideas.
The primary idea was that people should have alternatives available to them for any number of reasons such as any of the following.

Hand Crafted Wood Caskets - An Affordable Alternative 
Today the average funeral is around 6,000.00 and casket prices can vary widely for the very same casket. Anyone that has had to pick out a casket knows that it is not the most pleasant of tasks and not the time you want to start bargain or comparative shopping as most families are already dealing with so many other things at the time and the last thing they want to do is price haggle with a funeral director. Because of this too often a family pays for a casket either site unseen or without really knowing what is available from other sources. This is not to suggest that funeral directors are unscrupulous but just taking into account the factors faced by most families at the time we know how much better it feels when we have options. The Brother Oliver Casket Company was created to offer such options.

Many people simply feel that an expensive casket is a real waste of money and would rather have their remaining family spend that amount of money elsewhere. Some would rather have one less thing to concern themselves or their loved ones with when the time comes. Some people simply may not have such funds at their disposal at the time and or prefer to use the funds for other areas of the final arrangements.

Some people keep their casket in their home and find any number of creative ways to use it in their daily lives. A casket coffee table, a casket window seat, really your imagination is the only limitation!

Whatever your reasons may be for choosing one of our hand crafted caskets you can be assured  the casket you purchase from the Brother Oliver Casket Co. will be a fine inexpensive casket alternative.

Various options are available. 
Prices beyond the basic hand crafted toe pincher casket as shown are based on market material costs and additional labor required.

Contact us for a free casket quote today.

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The Brother Oliver Casket Co.
Handcrafted Crafted Burial Caskets
By Pennsylvania Dutch Craftsman

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Handmade Caskets, Cheap Caskets, Cheap Wood Caskets, Cheap Caskets, Wood Caskets, Inexpensive Caskets, Wood Caskets Cheap

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